Our Aims & Values

Kindness, Courage, Respect, Teamwork and Enjoyment

These values are at the heart of the school and are the foundation of our community.

Our aim is to provide a high quality, broad education that opens up a world of possibilities for our pupils, in a caring and nurturing environment. Every pupil is encouraged to participate in a wide array of extra-curricular activities, creative arts and sports, with an emphasis on building resilience and self-confidence, so that by the time they leave the school, they are well-rounded, motivated young adults who flourish at their senior schools of choice.

Our aspiration is to recognise and nurture the individual strengths of each pupil and equip them with life skills required to help them flourish in the classroom, develop new interests, ignite passions and build their confidence. This is supported by first-class pastoral care that underpins everything we do.

Christian ethos

Chapel is an important part of our Christian ethos, with values-based messages permeating throughout the Wellesley community. The children are also encouraged to contribute to the wider community, through building links, helping people, and raising money for charity. As a charitable trust, Wellesley does not operate for profit, and we provide scholarships and bursaries to widen access to all that we offer.

Contact Us

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