Scholarships & Bursaries

We offer an academic and a sport scholarship, for gifted children in Year 5 and 6, whom without financial assistance would be unable to attend Wellesley , and benefit from the outstanding all round education that is on offer.  Applications for both of these awards should be accompanied by a written recommendation from the candidate’s present Headteacher.  For both scholarships we offer up to 50% of the termly fee (subject to means testing) throughout the child’s time at the school.  Candidates may sit for, and be granted, more than one award.  However, the accumulated total of award(s) is a maximum of 50% of term fees (subject to means testing).

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Spencer Scholarship (Academic)

The Spencer Scholarship may be awarded for outstanding ability in a single subject or for a generally excellent standard.  Candidates will be given papers in mathematics and English.  They will also be given a verbal reasoning test and interview.  The papers will be based on National Curriculum criteria at the level appropriate to the age of the candidates concerned.

Boddington/Sale Scholarship (Sport)

The Boddington/Sale Scholarship is awarded to a candidate who shows outstanding sporting potential in one or more sports.  Candidates will have to sit basic tests in mathematics, English and verbal reasoning to ensure that they will be able to cope academically within the school.  They will also be interviewed.  Candidates will be expected to take part in a variety of sporting activities over the course of the day.  Value: up to 50% of the termly fee (subject to means testing) throughout the child’s time at the school.

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