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"Everything you can imagine is real."

Pablo Picasso


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In Art lessons Wellesley offers a broad curriculum which develops a diverse set of skills. Each year group works on six different projects per year, which consist of painting, textiles, clay, three- dimensional work, collage or printing and graphics. At the heart of each project is drawing, and work is developed through the use of a sketchbook.

As well as learning practical skills in these disciplines, pupils are strongly encouraged to be curious, hard-working and confident to express their ideas. The ultimate aim of art lessons is to teach the students to challenge boundaries and think about solving problems in a creative and imaginative way.

Students go out on regular trips to produce first-hand sketching and to see exhibitions both locally and in London. An enjoyment and exploration of culture is nurtured in all students, which it is hoped will stay with them for life.

For students who show particular interest in art, there is a popular art club on Friday afternoon, and the art room is available at break times for students to work on their own independent projects.

Students applying for art scholarship at senior school receive a considerable amount of extra time and tuition, and attend an afternoon and evening session each week from the middle of Year 7. During this time they work on a personal sketchbook and portfolio with an emphasis on developing observational skills. Art scholarships in the last five years have been achieved at King’s School, Canterbury, Downe House, Christ’s Hospital, Ampleforth, Oakham, Tudor Hall, Cobham Hall, Heathfield and St Lawrence College.

Each half term, a new and particularly successful piece of student artwork is framed and hung in the Headmaster’s study, to join a continuous display of pupils' art work called ‘Six of the Best.’

Six of the Best Sept 2015

We also exhibit student artwork in Gerry’s Coffee Shop and Arthouse in Ramsgate.

We regularly enter art competitions and we are proud of the success which we have had. In 2014 we achieved two winning entries in different age categories, as well as the award for Most Promising Artist, in The Margate Rotary Club Competition. We also achieved a Commended prize in the Page Turner student art competition, and the pupil’s work was exhibited at The Turner Contemporary in Margate as part of the Turner and Colour exhibition.