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"Many parents drive miles to send their children here, passing other good prep schools en route."

Good Schools Guide

Choosing the Right School

When looking for the right school for your child there are several things you should consider:

1. An all-round education
At Wellesley we encourage our pupils to develop their strengths outside as well as inside the classroom. We ensure that special talents in music, drama and art or sports are nurtured through a range of extra curricular activities.

2. The school to suit your child
Your child's academic needs are the top priority. It is important that you are clear about your child's academic abilities and your own thoughts for their future schooling so that you can be open and honest with us.

3. Academic success
Good schools enable pupils, whatever their academic ability, to achieve their very best. Look at the sort of schools that Wellesley pupils move on to, to help you determine whether we are doing our best for our pupils.

4. Variety of choice
The independent sector includes schools of many different styles and flavours. Wellesley is a small co-educational prep school. Our class sizes are not large and the vast majority of children board. We aim to maintain this balance.

5. Small classes and individual attention
Wellesley has a staff to pupil ratio which ensures pupils of all abilities receive plenty of individual attention in accordance with their needs.

6. Pastoral care
Independent schools, particularly boarding schools like Wellesley House, play a vital role in building awareness, tolerance and understanding among young people in a secure disciplined environment. This helps children move on to their senior schools as confident and responsible individuals.  Interestingly, in the last 4 years Wellesley pupils have gone on to be Heads of School at King's Canterbury, Harrow, Uppingham, Milton Abbey and Cranbrook.

7. Excellent facilities
Wellesley offers first class facilities for teaching sports, and all aspects of school life.

8. Maintaining high standards
Independent schools must meet rigorous inspection criteria. Take a moment to look at our most recent inspection report.

9. Recommendations
A good recommendation from family and friends is always a positive sign. Ask people about us.

10. Visiting
Wellesley has an impressive prospectus and website but the only way to find out if it is the right school for your child is to come and see us in action. Please telephone to make an appointment to meet the headmaster and his wife who will be delighted to show you around.

The right school will allow your child to achieve his or her potential in the company of liked and trusted staff and pupils in an environment where he or she feels happy and at home.