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Fencing returned to our activities program this year under the excellent tutelage of Mrs Kate Morwell-Neave.  The children have loved learning to take part in this challenging sport.  Friday 5th February saw for the first time this new generation of Wellesley House fencing teams taking on another school, St. Faith’s. 

The team of Dominic, Gabriel, Tom, Daniel, Henry and Caleb travelled to St. Faith’s where they divided into two teams and fenced in relay.  The aim was to be the first team to reach 45 hits.  The boys were set pretty evenly but it was clear that experience favoured St. Faith’s.  The 1st team of Dominic, Gabriel and Tom were at first behind but managed to work their way back to win 45-39.  The other team of Daniel, Henry and Caleb fought very well but they were beaten 34-45.  This means that overall the match ended with a 1-1 draw.

It was wonderful to see Wellesley children being able to take part in an alternative sport and to get the opportunity to play competitively.  I am sure that this will not be the last fencing match!  We are already looking into arranging for more to take place in the summer term.