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"Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower."

Steve Jobs


The impact ICT has on our lives increases every day and the technological advances continue to push boundaries. It is ever more essential that we provide the right skills for our children to embrace and maximise the benefits of this ever-changing subject and stay safe in doing so. At Wellesley House it is our aim that each child becomes an astute user of ICT, able to choose the right software and apply the appropriate skills to each task they face.

Pupils have one timetabled dedicated ICT lesson per week as well as a growing number of cross-curricular lessons.   We have one main ICT suite, where email and filtered internet access is available to all the children. Pupils of all ages are already using office software (Microsoft based) as well as some bespoke software for topics such as email, programming and touch-typing.

ICT at Wellesley House aims to:

  • Encourage the development of touch-typing as a life skill
  • Inspire and enthuse lifelong users of technology
  • Promote respect, rather than fear of new technologies and encourage the safe use of it
  • Support all other areas of the curriculum
  • Produce independent, astute users of ICT