We were delighted to welcome Mrs Nina Dunbar Johnson (mother of Gigi in Block 1) to deliver our first INSPIRE talk to our Block 1 pupils.  Mrs DJ is the Founder and Managing Director of Wizard Publicity – an award winning London PR and marketing consultancy.

In the informal setting of the Headmaster’s drawing room, surrounded by Block 1 pupils on beanbags and sofas (and a number of staff), Mrs DJ spoke with great energy, enthusiasm and passion of the need for determination, hard-work and taking responsibility in pursuit of your goals.  She gave real life examples of successes and failures and the importance of resilience to help you through challenges in your professional life.  She also spoke to the pupils about the importance of building strong relationships and how essential these are to success in the workplace.

Responding to a question about what career to follow, Mrs DJ urged the pupils to pursue their passions.  She concluded the evening, much to the excitement of her audience, by giving away a plethora of super-cool products that she had received from her clients. Huge thanks to Mrs Dunbar Johnson for giving up her time to provide such a fun, informative and inspiring talk for our pupils.  We look forward to the next installment of the INSPIRE talks in due course.