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Wellesley House is committed to helping your child make better choices in order to promote a healthier lifestyle.

Healthy Eating

All special diets are catered for including gluten free, vegetarian, food intolerances, and allergies. We do not use nuts in any of our recipes.

Our school kitchen prides itself on the quality of its ingredients, with fresh fruit and vegetables delivered daily as well as meat sourced from a local butcher. Food is freshly cooked and prepared on site. Meal times are a social and lively time, good manners are paramount. 

Children are offered a cooked breakfast every day. Cereals, including wholegrain cereals, wholemeal and 50/50 toast, low fat unsweetened natural yoghurt, and fruit compote are also on offer. Lunchtimes are a family service which creates a homely feel. Salads are always available as a choice. The catering manager walks around the dining hall getting feedback from the children and aims to incorporate their ideas into future menus. Supper is a little less formal with a cafeteria style service.  Homemade soup, main dish, pasta, including wholemeal pasta, jacket potatoes, a selection of freshly prepared salads and a lean protein platter are all on offer.  

Fruit is available at all meals and break times, and in the early evening the children are offered wholegrain cereal, milk and wholemeal toast. We are continuing to add more variety to the menu with a focus on reducing sugar and salt.


Where possible we are using local suppliers for the best quality fresh produce.

Fruit and Vegetables

We have deliveries of seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables 6 days per week from TJ’s wholesale, based in St Nicholas at Wade, a Kent based company established for 29 years. Where possible TJ’s source us local and British produce.  They visit Covent Garden daily to get us the best quality produce for the best possible price.

Fresh Meat

Our fresh meat is supplied by the Butcher of Brogdale.  They understand the importance of high quality meat. They are a Kent based butcher in Faversham, Ashford, Gillingham, Whitstable, and even down the road in our very own Broadstairs. They take pride in following traditional principles in hanging and maturing meat slowly to provide superior quality, taste and flavour. Their meat comes from reputable farms that truly care about the animals they raise with traceable provenance. They source the best range of meat available from local specialist suppliers which is approved by the soil association and is Red Tractor endorsed.

Milk, bread and eggs

All our milk, bread and eggs are provided from Kent Dairies based in Hadlow, Kent. They are a wholesale delivery company, delivering high quality farm fresh milk and dairy produce, with traceability. Their milk is monitored from cow to user. We purchase pergalls of milk each containing 13 litres and our average weekly consumption is 208 litres! Kent Dairies also supply our bread which is predominately wholemeal and 50/50, and eggs, of which we consume over 500 per week for breakfast, homemade cakes and desserts.


We use low fat unsweetened natural EasiYo yoghurt which is made freshly in school to gain the full health benefits. Freshly made yoghurt is the only real way of ensuring you receive the optimum benefits as well as a great taste. EasiYo yoghurt contains an abundance of Acidophilus which helps promote digestive health. It is full of protein, calcium and essential vitamins and minerals to provide the elements for growth and a good constitution. EasiYo yoghurt is suitable for vegetarian, they are gluten and wheat free, all ingredients used are specified non GM. We serve this for breakfast and supper accompanied by fruit compote.

Dry store / frozen products

The majority of dry stores, packaged and frozen supplies come from Bidvest (3663) and Kent based Q Catering who deliver twice a week, which is essentially our massive home shop.

Fruit juice

Our breakfast juice comes from Oranka juice solutions. We use their latest concept - the Hydration Station which is perfect for combining all the benefits of a healthy, low sugar drink with the association of fresh fruit, naturally high in vitamin C. This suits our focus on health and well being, after all, good hydration means good concentration.