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"The physical education and games curriculum enables pupils to participate in and enjoy a range of physical activities, whether as individuals, in groups or in teams."

ISI Report 2011

Physical Education

The Physical Education department aims to provide a safe and encouraging learning environment for children to reach their individual potential. Children are given the opportunity to experience a wide variety of sports with a varied curriculum map. The P.E. programme includes both individual sports such as swimming, cross country, gymnastics, tennis, athletics, dance and badminton together with team sports such as basketball, handball, volleyball and cricket. During these activities children will be introduced to rules, tactics and the organisation of the activity.

We feel that children’s understanding of health and fitness is an essential part of their development and therefore each form group will take part in a practical unit that allows children to take the lead on improving themselves and understanding how exercise can benefit their health.

Awareness of progression and improvement is a vital part of P.E and children are always encouraged to reach the ‘next step’ of their individual ability. They are also introduced to the idea of how to how to give encouragement and feedback to their peers at an early age. This teaches pupils about sportsmanship and working as part of a team.

Leadership within sport is a fantastic way to build confidence. Children are regularly encouraged to take an active role in leading warm ups, officiating and scoring which has a positive effect on their involvement in P.E. lessons.

Most important of all we hope that children enjoy their P.E. lessons with fun and varied activities that they can participate in and find their individual strengths. We are confident that a positive experience is enjoyed by all and a positive attitude towards sport is maintained far into the future.