ISI, May 2019

“Pupils demonstrate outstandingly positive attitudes to learning, producing work showing high levels of independence”

ISI, May 2019

“Pupils demonstrate real leadership in their learning through regular self-reflection”

ISI, May 2019

“Pupils are encouraged to take risks and strive to do their best without fear of failure”

ISI, May 2019

“Pupils of all abilities make rapid progress across all areas of learning from their starting points”

ISI, May 2019

“Pupils with EAL and SEND make equally rapid progress because of targeted individual support”

ISI, May 2019

“Pupils achieve highly in activities outside the school curriculum, both in teams or as individuals”

We aim to develop a love of learning in all our pupils. Children are taught in small classes by fully qualified, dedicated staff who are able to give every child individual attention.

Our main goal is to prepare our pupils for entry into their senior schools via the ISEB pre-test, Common Entrance, Kent Test/11+ and Scholarship routes, and to equip them with the confidence and motivation to flourish in the years ahead.

Our academic reputation is excellent and Wellesley pupils gain entry to a variety of prestigious schools, many with scholarships.

The Curriculum

The curriculum is deliberately broad and goes beyond the confines of the National Curriculum, which we interweave with the ISEB Common Entrance syllabus. Initially, the focus is on English, maths and science, but all other academic subjects are also taught. In addition, there is specialist teaching throughout the school in the creative arts.

Our STEAM subject curriculum is designed to instil an appreciation of science and technology and how it affects their personal future and the future of the wider community.  As part of this programme of learning we have links with partner schools through the British Council’s ‘International School Award’, which allows children to share their experimental findings with similar aged children at overseas schools. 

As pupils move up the school, Latin is introduced. Tuition in other languages can be arranged.

Subjects taught include:
– English
– Design technology
– Geography
– History
– Latin
– Mathematics
– Modern languages
– Physical education
– Religious studies
– Science

Learning Support 

Children who require it receive learning support on a one-to-one basis, in pairs or in small groups. The sessions last for 30 minutes and a maximum of three per week are offered.  Children are not withdrawn from academic subjects and practical subjects are rotated.  Occasionally, it is appropriate for an individual or group to be withdrawn from Latin to receive additional English and study skills. In-class support by teaching assistants is supplied as necessary.  The amount and type of support offered varies according to the needs of the child.

When a child arrives at school with recognised learning difficulties, the teaching staff are provided with a learning support bulletin for that child. This is an A4 document which notifies them as to the nature of the difficulties, as well as strengths and weaknesses and any existing recommendations that should be implemented in the classroom.   If a psychological assessment is available, with parental permission, a summary of the assessment will be included in the bulletin.

Our Learning Support department is led by a suitably qualified and experienced member of staff and supported by an English as and additional language specialist, a small team of peripatetic teachers and teaching assistants.

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