ISI, May 2019

“The boarding experience further helps pupils in acquiring excellent attitudes to learning”

ISI, May 2019

“Boarders show high levels of aptitude for independent study”

ISI, May 2019

“Boarding pupils are a vibrant community and are very aware of the different needs of their friends and extremely encouraging of them”

ISI, May 2019

“Boarders lead particularly active lives away from the influence of modern technology”

Boarding has always been at the heart of Wellesley, and it underpins the family nature of the school. Boys and girls can be full, weekly, flexi or occasional boarders.

We are great advocates of the benefits of boarding, as it helps children to build their independence and self-confidence in a happy and safe environment, preparing them for what lies ahead when they move on to their senior school. It also helps children to build their social skills and foster lifelong friendships. The boarders also gain the full benefit of the activities and facilities that the school offers – away from the temptations of social media and online games.

Every weekend, activities are arranged for the pupils staying in school, such as go-karting, bubble football, visits to local cinemas and theatres, as well as our famous Saturday night BBQs. The children can easily keep in contact with their families via their own email address, and they have access to telephones in the evening, and there is also a weekly Skype programme available to the boarders.

Boarding Facilities

The boys and girls are housed in separate boarding facilities within the main school.

They have homely dormitories and their own common rooms where they can hang out, play games and watch TV in the evening. Live-in houseparents oversee their well-being, supported by a team of matrons and trained nurses.

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