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"Pupils demonstrate excellent social awareness and feel that they are a valued part of a caring school."

ISI Report 2011


Personal, social, health and education refers to those aspects of school life - its thinking, planning, teaching and organisation - explicitly designed to contribute to the process of growing up, getting on with other people, the formation of values and the preparation of the child for responsibility in adult life. This includes helping pupils to understand:

  • themselves
  • their behaviour
  • their health and development
  • our society
  • their school and effective learning skills
  • how to make decisions and moral judgements

It involves encouraging children to be sensitive in their environment and to the beliefs and behaviour of others, and to try to foster an awareness of the major problems of mankind. Recently citizenship has been added to the PSHE syllabus in an attempt to bring an awareness of the role of the child in global citizenship.

Aims and objectives

PSHE is generally concerned with the development of qualities that are essential to living and interacting with others. These may include respect, and care for self and others, a sense of social responsibility, and a sense of belonging and contributing to society.

The main aim of PSHE is to create a community in which children learn the importance of care and respect for others. This includes respect for other people as persons, respect for the property of other people, as well as respect for their beliefs and opinions. The teaching of tolerance, courtesy and honesty helps children grow into responsible, self-disciplined individuals.

These core values may be summed up in two ways:

  • Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself.
  • If you expect respect, be the first to show it.

It is understood that the core values are the same as those which underpin the school's discipline policy, but it is particularly important that the children should not only be encouraged to adhere to the discipline policy of the school, but also understand why it is fundamental to the smooth running of the school. In this way, they will develop into far more fulfilled and aware members of their community later on in life.