Term Dates

Lent 2019

Boarders returnWednesday, 9th January at 6.30pm
Term beginsThursday, 10th January
ExeatFriday, 25th January to Sunday, 27th January
Half-termFriday, 15th February to Sunday, 24th February
ExeatFriday, 8th March to Sunday, 10th March
End of termWednesday, 27th March

Summer 2019

Boarders returnWednesday, 24th April at 6.30pm
Term beginsThursday, 25th April
ExeatFriday, 3rd May to Monday, 6th May
Half-termFriday, 24th May to Sunday, 2nd June
ExeatFriday, 14th June – Sunday, 16th June
Speech Day and Sports WeekendSaturday, 29th June and Sunday, 30th June
End of termThursday, 4th July

Michaelmas 2019

Boarders returnWednesday, 4th September at 6.30pm
Term beginsThursday, 5th September
ExeatFriday, 20th September to Sunday, 22nd September
Half-termWednesday, 16th October to Sunday, 27th October
Play exeatFriday, 15th November to Sunday, 17th November
End of termWednesday, 11th December

Lent 2020

Boarders returnWednesday, 8th January at 6.30pm
Term beginsThursday, 9th January
ExeatFriday, 24th January – Sunday, 26th January
Half-termFriday, 14th February – Sunday, 23rd February
ExeatFriday, 6th March – Sunday, 8th March
End of termWednesday, 25th March

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