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Science week at WHD has kicked off in some style with a talk in the Old Hall this morning to pupils on “Conservation and Sustainable Development”. Aside from a broad range of activities for our children to enjoy this week, arranged by Miss Wallace, this talk highlighted some of the fantastic work that members of our community do in this area. Our “WildClub” activity, facilitated by Mrs Sabin-Dawson have proactively arranged for shelter for swifts on our campus by enabling the set up of swift boxes on the Science block – taking place this Easter in time for the swifts’ arrival. Furthermore, with the help of a WHD parent, we keep our own bees and our pupils have harvested WHD honey (it’s delicious). There are so many environmental benefits to the keeping of bees and we are proud of our involvement in this area. What’s more, we have two “Bug Hotels” on our campus, and have arranged for all year groups to be involved in the “Great British Spring Clean Challenge”. It’s an area of which we are passionate and our pupils are too. We look forward to welcoming parents from Years 5 to 8 to our Science Fair between 9.00am and 10.00am on Friday morning where the children will be showcasing their projects.

Alongside Science Week we have a huge range of activities going on from the Elocution Cup on Wednesday for Years 1 to 4 and the Music Soiree on Friday evening. Please note it is Comic Relief on Friday so we are allowing a non-school uniform on that day. The link to give a voluntary donation is in the newsletter below.

Parent consultations are taking place this week and we hope you find these highly informative in reviewing your child’s progress to date and their next steps.

Finally, we are beaming with pride over the brilliant achievements of Lyndon and Ava at the Modern British Schools National Biathlon. It is incredible to think that two of the country’s top performing athletes go to our school. Over 1200 competitors took part in this huge event and we are in awe of both their achievements.

Mr Gavin Franklin and Mrs Jo Parpworth

JDRM Gavin Portraits-2

School Last Week


National Biathlon Success

Huge congratulations go to Lyndon in Year 3 and Ava in Year 6 for competing in the Modern Schools National Biathlon in Birmingham at the weekend. They both braved cold and blustery conditions to compete amongst the best athletes in Great Britain for their respective age groups. Lyndon tackled his nerves to compete in his first national event coming 11th overall in the country! His swim ranked second and his run 23rd meaning that he gained one of the top spots. Ava did magnificently in her swim, shaving 3 seconds off her personal best time meaning that she finished in the top third of the country. We are so proud of them both for putting in the effort to train for this event, travelling a long distance to compete and representing our school so well.

Year 1 Class – Church Visit Trip

Year 1 enjoyed a road trip around Thanet visiting 3 very different churches. They visited the Queens Road Baptist Church, St Peter’s Parish Church and St Augustine’s Church to explore the similarities and differences of each setting. They saw first hand the key features of a church including fonts, lecterns, pews, altars and the cross. Thank you to Reverend Hearle, Alice Bates and Andrew Kelly for their informative talks about their respective churches. Of particular interest was St Augustine’s and the architectural history behind its creator – Pugin. The children were impeccably behaved and respectful of the precious artefacts they came across. A thoroughly enjoyable day was had by all.

Year 3 & 4 Trip to Kent Life Museum

The children had a great day at the Kent Life Museum on Wednesday. They had a chance to meet a team of history explorers who shared their knowledge on the Stone Age. Children compared the difference in lifestyle between hunter gatherers and early farmers and also learnt how our ancestors developed tools to hunt and survive, in a dangerous world. They enjoyed grinding grains using both rotary and saddle quern. We did bring the flour back to class. Sadly, they did not grind enough for a loaf of bread. The highlight was definitely meeting the tribe member, who was quite cheeky. He even gave children new names!

Nutrition Workshops

Thank you very much to Doctor Foster who visited us last Friday to complete some nutrition workshops. The sessions were highly informative and reiterated the importance of a healthy, balanced diet in improving focus in class, performance in sport and overall well being. For example, you may not have tried beetroot juice before but one glass a day may boost stamina to help you exercise longer, improve blood flow, and help lower blood pressure. The children certainly enjoyed trying some and perhaps could be a future staple in your fridges at home!

Year 7 trip to France

Last Thursday, Year 7 spent the day in France, particularly in St Omer, about 40 minutes from Calais. The day started early, with a 7am set-off from school. From Calais we headed to St Omer and lunch was at a Brasserie in the centre. The meal was delicious, with some new foods tasted and a new experience enjoyed for many. After lunch we walked to the College St Bertin, a school we have had contact with for some years. The children met French pupils from their equivalent year group. Conversations were had and games were played, all in French, and then we were taken on a tour of the school, which is quite differently set out from our own. At this point the heavens opened and worksheets to be done in the town centre could not be done, but instead we went to a patisserie, where euros were spent on cakes and baguettes. Once this was achieved, we returned to Calais and our ferry back to Dover. We arrived at school at 8pm, after a long but very productive day. Thanks to Mme Laurans and Mrs Spencer for their help during the day.

Sister Act – Mabel and Pearl

Congratulations to Pearl in Year 4 and Mabel in Year 6 for their outstanding performances in the Thanet Music Festival this weekend. They both performed extremely well, achieving some outstanding scores. We are proud of them for representing our school and themselves so well.


Overall ‘Valerie Jones Trophy’ for Endeavour

Solo under 14 Grade 2/3: 90 (outstanding) first place and Trophy 

Duet ‘Hornpipe’: 90 (outstanding) first place

Set piece ‘Rush Hour Dash’ under 12 solo: 85 (commended)

Under 15s Sonatina: 85 (commended)

Under 15 Baroque: 85 (commended)


Set piece ‘Raindrops’ Under 9 solo: 

90 (outstanding) first place & winner of Under 9 Trophy

Duet: 88 (distinction) 2nd place

‘Echoes’ Under 18 repertoire: 86 (commended)

‘March of the Shadow Men’ Grade 1 solo: 85 (commended)

School This Week

Parents’ conferences

The parent teacher meetings for Years 4 and 5 are being held this week in the Old Hall, where refreshments will be available. The meetings are being held at these times:
Tuesday 14th March 14:15 – 16:30
Wednesday 15th March 14:15 – 16:30
The parent teacher meetings for Year 8 are being held from 9am to 12pm on Saturday 18th March.
Parents have received instructions on how to book meetings with their child’s teachers, and confirmation of bookings will be sent later today for Years 4 and 5, and later in the week for year 8. Please contact the school office if you have any questions.
The parent teacher meetings for Years 6 and 7 are being held next week on Wednesday 22nd March, further details to follow.

WHD Joins the Great British Spring Clean Challenge

We are proud to announce that we have committed to collecting 40 bags of litter this month in aid of the GB Spring Clean Challenge. Plastic touches all of our lives, from the food packaging we buy to the computers we work with and the cars we drive. However, many of the plastics you touch in your daily life are used only once and thrown away. So much of this plastic is ending up in the ocean that in just a few years, we might end up with a pound of plastic for every three pounds of fish in the sea. Plastic has been found in more than 60% of all seabirds and in 100% of sea turtles species that mistake plastic for food. And when animals ingest plastic, it can cause life-threatening problems, including reduced fitness, nutrient uptake and feeding efficiency—all vital for survival.
Every year, 11 million metric tons of plastics enter our ocean on top of the estimated 200 million metric tons that currently circulate our marine environments. Every minute, the amount of litter it would take to fill a rubbish truck enters our ocean every minute of every day and that much plastic is bound to have an impact on ocean ecosystems.
Each class has committed to completing a local litter pick or beach clean in the coming weeks. Lots of children have also completed litter picks in their own time and after school too! We are proud of our efforts to keep the streets and beaches of Thanet clean for all people and animals to enjoy.

Mother’s Day Gift Wrapping

We look forward to welcoming the PFA tomorrow to run the Mother’s Day Gift Room. If you haven’t already, please ensure that you have paid the School Money amount so that the gifts can be issued to your children. Thank you.

Science Week

This week is full of activities, science talks and workshops, challenges and experiments. We are very lucky to have such a dedicated and talented science teacher, Miss Wallace, who has gone to great lengths to organise such a fun and jam packed week. We look forward to welcoming parents in Years 5 to 8 to our Science Fair on Friday morning between 9.00am-10.00am in the Old Hall where the children will be showcasing their own projects.

Elocution Cup Years 1-4

On Wednesday, we are looking forward to welcoming parents from Year 1 to 4 to watch the children recite their chosen poem for the Elocution Cup. Mrs Bourne and Mr Ward will be the official judicators on the day and they will tasked with the very difficult job of selecting the overall winners of each year group.The timings for each slot are as follows:
Years 1 and 2 (9.00am -10.15am)
Years 3 and 4 (10.30am -11.45am)
Tea, coffee and refreshments will be served just outside the main hall.

Year 1 trip to Powell-Cotton museum

On Thursday Year 1 will be attending the Powell-Cotton Museum in Quex Park, Birchington where they will learn all about the explorer Percy Powell-Cotton and his travels. This ties into our History topic for this half-term of ‘Explorers’ and the children will have a chance to discuss the ethical side of historical exploring as well as see artefacts from around the world.

Comic Relief

On Friday we will be celebrating Red Nose Day in aid of Comic Relief by holding a non-school uniform day and bake sale during tuck shop. Children are encouraged to bring in any home-made cakes to their class tuck shop during the morning where they can be sold with all contributions going towards the charity. Please ensure that if you do bring in any cakes from home that you include an ingredients note and remember that we are a nut-free school. The children will also be taking part in activities throughout the day.
We warmly welcome any donations towards Comic Relief on our JustGiving page.

Music Evening

On Friday evening, we are looking forward to watching our talented musicians and vocalists perform in front of a live audience. Wine and canapes will be served and we hope you can join us from 5.45pm onwards for a thoroughly enjoyable evening. If your child is taking part, please ensure that they pack their smartest ‘best’ uniform to change into (as it is non-school uniform on that day).

Reading volunteers

We are currently looking for reading volunteers to work with a chosen class for weekly reading sessions. We are very lucky to have a number of parents and retired staff who work with us on a voluntary basis to boost daily reading. If you are interested in joining us, please contact Mrs Parpworth or Mrs Murray to discuss this further.

Denne Hill – Saturday 18th March

We warmly welcome all families and children to this community event on Saturday 18th March. Thank you to those who have completed the google form with your attendance. If you have not yet done so, please do complete this brief form (please note there is no need for Year 7 & 8 to complete the form as they will all be in attendance anyway) . Thank you and we look forward to seeing many of you there.

Pre-Prep Values Awards


Elliot for super thinking in maths and Bella for always participating in lessons even when we had an author visit in front of the whole Pre Prep.

Year 1 

Remy for his fabulous attitude to reading. It was so great to hear he had read a book of 127 pages at home- all for pleasure! 

Indigo for her kindness and teamwork. She is always so helpful in the classroom and I was so impressed when she helped her friends to tidy up – well done!

Zayd Khan for working very hard in his maths lessons, understanding the concepts and applying them with accuracy. He always has a go at anything put in front of him and succeeds through practice and hard work.

Teddy Beattie for making good improvements with his writing skills. Teddy is working hard on his letter formation and taking his time to make sure that his work is the best it can be. 

Year 2

Jamie Bird for his improved focus in lessons and his concerted effort to improve his overall presentation, particularly in maths. 


Frank Lillis for showing resilience and determination when faced with new challenges. 


Year 3

Elodie Dooray – one of the kindest girls I’ve had the pleasure to meet. When the yoghurts ran out at lunch, Elodie gave hers up to someone else (luckily they had more in the kitchen but she didn’t know that at the time!)


Albie Stansfield – Albie has continued to challenge himself  since joining WHD and is putting much effort into his written learning and presentation.


Values Awards

Year 4 

Izzy for her improved focus in lessons and her effort in doing her best in Maths. 

Year 5 

Reuben for great teamwork and kindness to others.

Year 6 

Rupert for always being polite and well mannered.

Year 7 

Platon for his politeness, hardwork and being such a positive force in the form.

Year 8 

Max Miller for his tremendous dedication and diligence 

Future Events

PFA Easter Bonnet Workshop – Monday 20th March

Children in Nursery Class to Year 3 will take part in an Easter Bonnet Workshop on Monday 20th March. A charge of £5.00 for the bonnet and craft materials is available for payment on School Money. Children will then be able to showcase their creations at our Easter Parade which will be held at the Easter Picnic on the 24th March.

PFA Easter Picnic – End of Term, Friday 24th March

A date for your diaries!  As shared previously, our PFA team is organising a family picnic to celebrate the end of term.  We welcome parents to arrive from 11.30am onwards on the last day of term to enjoy a picnic on our grounds and experience the fun of a range of activities including but not limited to: garden games, petting zoo, easter egg hunt, tombola and daffodil picking.  Refreshments (in the form of pimms!) and Felicity’s portable cafe will also be available.  Full details are on Dojo – £5 entry per person, please email to purchase tickets and tickets are open to all family members and friends not just limited to parents.  Thank you for your support of this fundraising initiative!

Parents’ conferences

Please note various dates for parent / teacher meetings that are taking place this term, as per the electronic calendar.  Class teachers and form tutors will liaise directly with parents, but in the meantime, please note the following:

Pre-prep, Year 3, 4 & 5 meetings – week commencing 13 March

Year 6 parents’ conference – Wednesday 22 March (pm) in the Old Hall

Year 7 parents’ conference – Wednesday 22 March (pm) in the Old Hall

Year 8 parents’ conference – Saturday 18th March (am) – in person and online meetings via booking

Year 5 & 6 – no Saturday School on 18th March

Please note, there will be no Saturday morning provision for Years 5 & 6 on Saturday 18th March as a result of the Year 8 parents’ conference.

School Calendar

Please click here and scroll through for the most up to date calendar of events for the term.


This week the kitchen will be serving menu week 2

MenuWeek 1Week 2Week 3

Matches This Week

2.15pm start unless otherwise stated

Tuesday, 14th March

Rugby 7’s v Eltham Tournament: U13 Boys (a) 9am  Map

Wednesday, 15th March

Hockey v Northbourne Park: U13 A Boys (a)

Hockey v Northbourne Park: U13 B Boys (a)

Hockey v Northbourne Park: U9 A Boys (h)

Netball v Dover College U11 A (a)

Netball v SLC: U13 A (a) 2:30

Netball v SLC: U13 B (a) 2:30

Thursday, 16th March

Netball V SLC U9 A (a) 2:10

Netball V SLC U9 B (a) 2:10

Saturday, 18th March

Kent School Swimming Gala U11’S (a)

Denne Hill Cross Country 1pm MapPlease always refer to the website calendar as it is the most up-to-date place to check for fixture changes and locations.

If your child has been selected for a fixture, we will communicate with you prior to the fixture with information regarding the recommended pick up time from Wellesley HD.


Matches Last Week


Squash v Tonbridge: U13 A Boys 

Lost 2 – 4

U11’s Thanet Schools Netball


Netball Festival: U11 A Girls


Rugby v Northbourne Park: U13 A Boys

Won 5-2

Rugby v Northbourne Park: U11 A Boys





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